Indachem hydrogen sulfide removal

Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

Research completed by ADI has determined the SULFA-BINDŽ process is an efficient and cost effective method for hydrogen sulfide removal from biogas. A SULFA-BINDŽ filter can treat gas with an H2S concentration as high as 30,000 ppm, reducing it to less than 1 ppm. H2S-saturated SULFA-BINDŽ was also subjected to leachate testing with the results considered non-hazardous waste. Based on the performance evaluation and economic comparison with existing technologies, hydrogen sulfide removal using SULFA-BINDŽ filter media is a practical, viable option. SULFA-BINDŽ consists of an inorganic, natural material, calcined to increase hardness, porosity and surface area and coated with iron oxide. Hydrogen sulfide removal fixed-bed absorber vessels ensures very low pressure loss.